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“We spent 4 years developing and refining a theory that teams have gone about it all wrong when it comes to finding and recruiting student-athletes.”

For the past 15 years, I have been an entrepreneur in the online marketing space.  I often wondered how I could apply my understanding of technology and consumer psychology to one of my greatest passions, collegiate athletics.

It started as a casual side project, but I helped grow a team at a small regional Division III school, with strict admission requirements and no merit-based aid into a perennial national powerhouse with brand recognition that exceeded many Division I programs.

At that point, I realized we had stumbled onto something pretty revolutionary.  And now we’re ready to bring it to you.

founder, chief strategist

The Vanguard Difference

We focus on strategy, technology, and integrity to make a difference in the success of our clients and the world around us.


Our messaging strategy is unique. It is designed to stand out in the flood of recruiting communication that student-athletes receive. It also will help build both your school's and your personal brand.


The sea of potential recruits is massive. How do you get in front of them on a limited recruiting budget? Our detail-oriented use of technology broadens your reach without breaking the bank.


Integrity is two-fold for us. We are committed to building and nurturing relationships with our clients. But we are also committed to giving, which means 10% of all revenue goes to charity.

programs and services

We have programs and services to meet any budget, staff size or outcome goals.



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